About Us

We’ve put lots of thought into what we offer here. We’ve got a host of sample items that we can provide as-is, or personalised to match your tastes and requirements. However, we also provide a full bespoke creation service. So, if you’d like to have a rack to hold unique item, or you wish to mend something that you can’t find a replacement part for, then get in touch. We may be able to create just the thing for you.

Personalised 3D printed parts and accessories

Since we print everything to order, and we designed the parts from scratch, we can personalise your accessories, too. So, for example, if your campervan is called “Ernie” then just get us to replace the RV Line logo with “Ernie”!

Our 3D modelling department could also create something different, too. If you have a need for a panel to cover an odd-shaped gap, or you need a hook to replace one that’s no longer available, just let us know as much detail as possible about it and we’ll tell you if it’s possible to create you one or two… or ten.

3D Printing vs Injection Moulding

3D printing is fantastic for creating custom shaped objects for the majority of purposes. It’s an alternative to injection molding but it’s quite different in the way it works. With injection moulding, the setup cost is extremely high for any object. This is due to the need for a mould to be created. The design of this mould is what takes the time creates a high startup cost. However, once the mould has been created, the finished product can be produced in large quantities very quickly and the cost-per-item becomes low.

Typically, injection moulding is used for mass production of a single design. Orders of the product would generally take days or weeks to arrive and you would usually have a box full of lots of your item. Apart from the high setup cost of injection moulding, another drawback is that the mould would need to be recreated in order to alter the design of the object – which then introduces another setup cost.

3D printing is almost exactly the opposite to injection moulding. The object can be designed and then printed straight away without the need for a mould. The object can be redesigned at any stage and a new one printed within hours or even minutes – without the need for any moulding processes. The printing process is relatively slow with 3D printing. For example, our 140mm tall cutlery pot takes in excess of 13 hours to print a single unit. However, we could redesign it today and have a new one in our hands within a few hours. With injection moulding, a new order could take several weeks and you would generally order hundreds of your object.

Bespoke Parts for Your Campervan

While others mass-produce a generic item, we produce bespoke, custom designs of single units or in low numbers. We’re here to help you find the right solution instead of you having to fit your solution to generic off-the-shelf parts. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you to produce a part.

Trade Supplier of 3D Printed Parts

If you’re in the trade, maybe you’re a van conversion specialist or a restoration bodyshop, then we’d love to hear from you. We can offer a range of low-quantity or bespoke services. From branded storage boxes to plastic logo plates – we can produce something for everyone. We can also assist with prototyping if you’re looking to develop something for higher volume or mass-production through injection moulding or similar.